Gaming Commands for rob2e’s Twitch Stream and Discord

Instructions for participating in the rob2e Twitch stream and games


Click here to find out how the Bit Boss works.

Some BOT commands work in Discord, some do not.  The yellow asterisk (*) will mark those that do NOT work in Discord.

Anyone interested in actually playing in the D&D 5E game “5E Pick-up Games” should read this!

When watching the stream at, viewers active in the chat earn one gold (GP) piece AND one Experience Point (XP) per minute that you are involved with the chat window on the channel.

Twitch Subscribers receive 3x XP and a 1000 XP bonus!

Followers receive 100 XP!

Hosting my Twitch channel receives 100 XP!

Cheers receive 100 XP per 100 bits cheered!.

You can manipulate your GP and XP through various means as per the commands below.

All commands are case and spelling sensitive.

NEW! – Type !gather in Twitch chat to access GatherBot and all of it’s MANY, MANY new commands.  Interact with other chatters, and take down the Bit Boss!

Commands not tied to GP or XP
Commands tied to GP
Commands tied to XP

General Commands

These commands do not require Gold Pieces (GP) or Experience Points (XP).

!patreon – Displays a link to rob2e’s Patreon page.  All support is deeply appreciated.

!tweet – Displays a link to Tweet out current game.  Everyone should do this!

!donate – Help the stream

!discord – Gives a link to invite someone to rob2e’s Discord server

!twitter – Displays link for rob2e’s Twitter

!weather [x y] – Weather where you give city [x] and state [y]. Example – !weather Spokane WA

!time – rob2e’s local time in Spokane, WA

!rank – Displays your Monster Rank and hours watched

!nextstream – Directs you to view the #schedule page is Discord

!fg – Post in chat info about Fantasy Grounds

!fgdown – Post in chat how to download FG

!rob2e – Displays link to rob2e’s website

Who’s Who?

!yawning – “Tales from the Yawning Portal WEDNESDAY” characters/DMs

!tomb – “rob2e’s Tomb of Annihilation” FRIDAY characters

!wraithborne – “GeoQuester’s Return of the Wraithborne FRIDAY” characters

DeepBot Commands

These commands require Gold Pieces (GP).

!checkme – Shows Gold Pieces, VIP Rank, Stream Rank, Next Rank, Hours Watched, Joined Stream, Follow Date

!GP – Check how many Gold Pieces (GP) you have

!crawl [x] – *Start a raid in the dungeons with [x] gold pieces – Example – !crawl 10

!roulette [x] [y] – *Bet on the wheel where [x] is the amount of the bet, and [y] is the condition (numbers 0-36, red, green, black, even, odd) – Example – !roulette 10 odd or !roulette 10 36

!convert *Converts gold pieces (GP) to Experience Points (XP) at a rate of 1 to 1.  This will be done at the END of the current stream show. Cooldown is 1 day.

!quote – quotes from stream and game (cost 50 GP to request)

StreamElements Commands

These commands require Experience Points (XP).

!xp – *check how many experience points (XP) you have

!leaderboard – *links to the XP leaderboard

Power-Up Commands

Power-ups are only available in games where rob2e is DM!

Use your XP (not GP) to buy a power-up for one of the players.  See for exact details.

!redeem heal – *Gives a player of your choice 2d4+2 HP.

!redeem greaterheal  *Gives a player of your choice 4d4+4 HP. 

!redeem superiorheal  *Gives a player of your choice 8d4+8 (superior healing potion). 

!redeem supremeheal  *Gives a player of your choice 10d4+20 (supreme healing potion). 

!redeem advantage  *One unlucky player of your choice will have disadvantage on an Attack, Save or Check at the earliest opportunity as determined by the DM.

!redeem disadvantage  *An unlucky player of your choice will have their next roll (Attack, Save or Check) at disadvantage, the roll to be determined by the DM. 

!redeem inspiration  *A lucky player of your choice will receive Inspiration to use at their discretion during this gameplay session. 

!redeem critical  *Make a lucky player’s NEXT attack roll be a natural 20. 

!redeem fumble – *Force a natural 1 on an unlucky player on their NEXT attack roll. 

!redeem remove    – *Remove a condition from a player. Remove one condition from a player. Grappled, incapacitated, prone, or restrained only. 

!redeem haste  *Give a lucky player an extra full turn. 

!redeem trap – *Are you feeling evil? Do you want the party to encounter a random trap? Redeem this reward and, at the next chance (DM’s discretion), the DM will insert a trap into the adventure.

!redeem monster – *A random monster appropriate to the party will appear on the scene. How will the party handle it?

!redeem magicitem  *One lucky player of your choice will be able to roll for 1 magical item located on Table B (pg 144) in the DM guide.

!redeem wild – *Trigger a Wild Magic Surge.

!redeem rest – *Allow players to take an INSTANT SHORT rest.

!redeem restore   *A lucky player of your choice will receive Lesser Restoration and is instantaneous, so choose wisely! Choices are blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned.

!redeem revive  – *A player who is truly dead will be revived by the effects of a revivify spell if used within one minute. 

!redeem resurrect  *Did a party member die? Do they have no other options to bring the character back? You can be the great omnipotent one who allows them to live!